Manhattan on the Meuse

holland america line, 
hall to trybe-experiment.

In september 1988 the HAL-building, the former headquarters of Holland America Line in Rotterdam was pictured in NRC-Handelsblad. A bunch of young artists had squatted the building (in the Netherlands a legalizable action) in order to create accommodation for working & living. Claudio & Eugene left De fabriek and joined in with their studio-plans and their concept about a foundation on cityrenewal.
The building was splitted up very fast. The chambers for the board of direction became luxury livings; the office-units metamorphised in art studios. There was a "cuisine avec cantine" and the grand reception was a good place to party and to exhibit.
An extra dimension to use the building was given by the memories, traceable in huge safes, cellars & strongrooms; memories of them who had left Europe, in crises before & after the big war, that had destroyed Rotterdam (1940-1945).
The area was priorated for urban renewal and this building had an impact beyond art-studios. A workgroup to develop a plan based on individual ambitions & capacities went to work.
December 1988 "Grand Manhattan" was founded with board members: Zoot, Eugene, Claudio,
 Broetske, Allard, Marie, JosÚ, Ralph & Ben. Spijker & Vester were also part of the HAL-collective.
Jan was moved into the workgroup by Eugene, Claudio & Zoot to study the possibilities of saving the building as "an accommodation for artistic projects & experiments for support & consolidation of an interactive relation between arts, urban renewal and environmental living & working, auditing on a universal cultural approach of renewing Rotterdam and a realisation concept within the opportunities of the HAL-collective".

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March, 24th, the plans were accepted: "The Hal-project".
The owner of the building wasn't touched.
He continued his legal way. On the 31 of March 1989 the judge spoke:
"urgent necessity for accommodation"
wasn't demonstrable. So were the other rights to squat:
"dilapidation of the area by the community" or
"the abuse of the right to use the building by the owner".
So the HAL-collective had to leave the building "one of those brighty days".
 The days after the foundation was set "stand-by", Zoot left for Amsterdam. Others followed.
The HAL-collective anarchised and became a melting pot of Rotterdam initiatives by squatting.
In september 1988 the HAL-building became the cradle of House in Holland.

Nowadays it's called Hotel New York,
a good place to retreat to when you're tired of Rotterdam's Flexcool Citylife.

Those days Claudio & Eugene hadá squat (legalized) a unit in Porcellis Street.
How to continue Manhattan?
In 1992, Foundation Inner Road was already started, Zoot asked
Claudio, Eugene & Jan to take over the responsibilities concerning 
Foundation Grand Manhattan.
Inner Road, specificaly working on innovative initiatives in the direction of
wellbeing & policy, had not yet integrated "accommodation & environment" as such.
The opportunity to include these items again created the possibility
 to evoluate the gaingate-principle to a keystone for social cohesive living & working:
the trybe.

nowadays the hal-building is a fameus hotel-restaurant:

part of the cityrenewal project


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