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campers for kosovo

caravanning for peace & understanding

There's big trouble in the Balkans, treshold for 
so many people and cultures.

Hundreds of thousands have lost everything they had 
in an agony of doubt.

Everyone knows one or more to blame, 
but in the same time it's a big shame

for all of us, especially the inhabitants of Europe.

Where politics fail and religions appearently couldn't anticipate, 
the international relief agencies got conflicts  to handle in many ways.

This is the moment for all european people 
to coöperate in a 9-days solution,

based on human integrity and obvious realisable 
by European tourists- & drivers-organisations 
as there are "AA in Europe", ANWB, ÖAMTC, ARBÖ, ACI

& others we don't know yet.

We know the riscs of an spontaneous, enthousiastic action, 
but these days of European ambitions 
we also expect every organisation being capable to survive

on this stage of european mismanagement and to be able to show 
an alternative way to end this absurdity.


1999..may...........................................................................................................caravans       of peace & understanding..........may 1999...








participants are owners of a camper or caravan and/or
(max. 2/car?)

A. register caravan & driver(s)

within 24 hours you recieve a participation licence, dating time & place to departure

European routing coördination

Registration of participants & campers

& vouchers are

shell, elf,
bp & others


drive-in burger & routiers-restaurants

banks open
an account

auto route parkings
provide with containers so the regional people and EBC can stock goods


aid-organisations priorate the most indigent areas

national aid-funds open an account for fund-raising

regional authorities
demotivate tourist traffic during these days of

B. get your caravan checked & yourself prepared for a 9-days journey

National organisations for traffic & safety are
extra  alert

manufacturers of caravans are alert for assistence and model specifications


local friends may
sponsor in money

C. check in on the time the  organisation asked you for the first
caravanning day


International european expedition
checks need for

  regional producents
may deliver goods

D. second stage or
holting place, f.i.:

Monaco, Geneva
Strassbourg, Frankfurt

Bonn, Erfurt,

Prague, Neurenberg

in the most indigent areas campervillages (CV) are planned

E. third stage, f.i.:

Verona, Bolzano

Innsbrück, Salzburg

Vienna, Boedapest


F. fourth stage,

around the borders of the indigent areas

around the borders of the indigent areas

around the borders of the indigent areas

national authorities guanrantee a safe & sound delivery

G. delivery caravans & home again in two days

guarantees & assurance by fundraising

options for use caravans to
repatriate people


plans for a welcome back are local responsebilities



Don't start your car...

Call your organisation(s) & asked if they are informed yet.

If not:
Ask them to contact their Dutch agent / or the ANWB 
http://www.anwb.nl/ , who'll be
invited by us for coördination

If yes:
ask them to register your name, your co-driver (if you have) 
and your caravan specifications





Please, enter this action as soon as you're able to.
Use your relations & network to clear the possibilities

for your organisation in a regional context.
Propose a stand by offer and contact your headquarters.

People of Europe try to convince the World
that human environmentality
cannot cope with the forced expulsion of 
over 1.000.000 people

under unbearable human suffer 
an over Euro 200.000.000 costing damaging 
of goods 
in two months of NATO's 50 years Truce,
concerning a region

that's ment to be 
an adult member of 
the european community.

Value for money ?

Human rights,  happiness sec (social, economic, cultural) ?

What's the meaning of life:

  • what's the meaning of a political leader who's reflections denigrated
    the meaning of so many colleague-leaders in that early state of
    responsibility that should prevent a war-like transregio militairy action in this way

  • what's the meaning of nato & nato-supporting leaders
    in their democratic attitude that bombing and disrupting
    the system of a fellow community
    should superimpose the inhabitants ?

  • what's the meaning of democratic civilians ?
    no chosen politic party in its own was eager for a war like this.


Trybe#manhattan isn't owner of a caravan or camper.
We got a drivers licenses and we expect our tertia will agree us, 
driving a camper or caravan, if there's one available.

Join the action: send your comments & spread the plans  

Trybe#Manhattan supports netto priority to a Balkans ab ovo concept 
in a renergetic way: 
"caravanning for peace & understanding" 
is ment to be a state of mind that confirms the neighbour. 
A virtual start to virtualize reality.


European Peoples Initiative.

peoples in europe
map in.

The expertise of the European Business Community and Tourist-organizations
is at least in logistics terms as much qualified as the expertise of politics & armies.


  freedom of speech
freedom of opinion transmission
Support RADIO  B92


Read & spread the news / send us new links:

Kosova Crisis Center (KCC): http://http://www.alb-net.com/
Kosovapress http://http://www.kosovapress.com//
Kosova Information Center http://http://kosova.com//

Kosovo-dossier nrc-handelsblad: http://www.nrc.nl/W2/Lab/Kosovo/ http://www.nrc.nl/W2/Lab/Kosovo/

Serban Unity Congress: http://www.suc.org/



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(why do we think, we're right)

The more it links, the more the caravanning reaches count down.

Dutch Minister of Defence starts discussion on mission, vision & tasks of militairy power.
Join the debat: http://http://www.mindef.nl/

campers for kosovo..... a vip traject in ka-galaxy
more about virtual interactive participation ? 


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