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individually  organised  integrity


the principle of gaingate is abstract. 
it's pure in an artistic and in a mathematic way: 


Gaingate is the connection, modulator/demodulator, between person & surrounding, group & cohabitation, organisation & society.
Gaingate is a contribution to the social cohesion in all circumstances because it's based on a universal interpretable & understandable feeling for environmentality and surrounding responsibility.

Gaingate encloses the idea, that every human being is naturally balanced in his surrounding, if only the contact between 'inside' & 'outside' is integer.
It works for a person in a group and for any group as such in its environment. It even works between groups from different cultures.

People who like to see their fellow-men as 'gain-mates' , support a gain attitude, based on universal integrity.
In every culture, cohabitation, suburb or group an idogene base can be found to start a gaingate.

With the ioi-code and the oma-profile (orientation/motivation/affinity-profile), the ioi-formula (inform organise invest) for "questions - offers", "services - needs" is safe & sound.

The ioi-modem provides the opportunity to contact "tertia", those who support in
particulary  the gaingate, you're looking for.
The oma-profile shows the characteristics "orientation", "motivation" & "affinity".

In that way, gaingate is a testable view of a person & its employability;
a group or an organisation and its environmentality.

It's clear to anyone who has an ioi-formula, how to connect, if desired.
There are no obligations after a first connection and in case of misunderstanding each gaingate has at least one "tertium".
Gaingates operate by definition conform the worldwide understanding of "maybe",
between yes & no.
In case of misunderstanding there are always the tertia, who are abled to solve a problem, even in a counterbalanced profit.

This is the way to an optimal result in specifying services or products, needs or offers.
Gaingate guarantees surrounding roots
(and by that a safe connection in your surrounding).

An  idogene matrix creates instandings, even in complexity, to generate time & regenerate labour in a way that leads to a better life expectancy for all parties.

Gaingate is a good fundament as well for existing workgroups/organisations and a very trustable alternative to raise a family, organisation or foundation.

Groups that work & live idogain (with gaingate attitude) are called trybes.


Key Benefits________________

conditioning consciousness 

clearing out faculties 

guarantee for cultural integrity & id-credibility

   supports the universal gis-mode

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