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Men                    Machines
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trybe#manhattan's network sec (social economic cultural)
is related to officials, executers & administrators in the domains of wellbeing, arts, renergetics, concerning policy & advice.


machines are the models we use to revitalise individu-traversing interests.
two, in western society effective models are used untill 1990:
the union, usable for better member profits within a closed society;
the foundation, usable for member traversing profits in a closed society.
two foundations are still active in our concept of global responsibility: 
FIR (foundation inner road) & 
FGM (foundation grand manhattan).

two brand new, global effective models are introduced by now:
the gaingate, focussed on the interest of the surrounding sec;
the trybe, focussed on environmental interest of the surrounding.



the paths by which topics, inquiries & questions are analysed and propositions to define them are trajected & procedured:

trybe#manhattan        gaingate#manhattan
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