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blowin' in the wind

hanging in the air, just above your head,
or hummin' between your ears,
as long as you know ...


some are shimmy, some are shiny,
some're rooted 'fore consciousness raised.


questions about gaingate & trybe(#manhattan) are directly to enter in a chat way. questions with a global environmental interest will get consumed in a  knews2day column.

questions about "l'essence de l'Ítre", the essence of being, related to
universal environmentality for individuals & groups
may have our special attention if you want us working them out in tarra-time.
your oio-code or ioi-formula may give your question(s) a vip-traject (realtime interactive participation).
vip-projects (virtual interactive participation) are running bruto;
the completion results in netto responsibility.

questions we actually recognize as unanswered, but still don't fit in time are stored in qqq.
ours are stored in qwa.

entry to these files may cause interactive participation.


questions waiting for an answer

queer quintessential questions


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