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the trybe
idogene base for renergetic action


A society in which cultures get strangled and confronted with new 
or unnormal tendencies, needs a keystone for the dome of the past. 
That's the only solid way to regenerate without losing a perspective of
worldwide guaranteed human conditions for all.

In the same way, groups need a stepping stone, 
when the members are only united on their personal ambition 
to develop their faculties in an environmental community profit.
Gaingate is the keystone and a trybe opens a clear perspective 
for members & surrounding.

A trybe is like a gaingate a gathering of people, 
started in netto time & considering their sir-duties, using 
their capacities to develop in common effort an autorunning ability 
on   which the group, balanced in its surrounding 
can provide in an environmental way.

A trybe lives and works from one accommodation and on an idogene base. 
The effect is enrichening of the surrounding.
In the meantime & enforgeantly,
environmentality will strengthen the social cohesion buttom up,
from the roots. 


Key Benefits____________________________________:

global acceptable  

roots guaranteed social cohesion 

new perspectives in global responsibility 

gaingate guarantee (GGG) 

supports the universal g-mode