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1. Wat betekent "tertium non datur"  ?

What is the meaning of

2. Wat betekent "tertium datur" ?

3. Waarom manhattan?
why manhattan

4. Waarom "able to gain" ?
why / how able to gain?

5. What is         ?

6. When is             ?  

7.  Waarom een .com site

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wat betekent "tertium non datur" ?

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een derde mogelijkheid bestaat niet,
 "iets is of goed of fout";
"iets is of waar of onwaar"

tertium non datur 
conserveert de heersende redelijkheid tot
ijselijk dunne rationaliteit.
het ontkent
evolutie in complexiteit, oftewel
tijd als groeifactor voor bewustzijn.

 gödel┤s stelling ontkracht
tertium non datur..
gelukkig maar.

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Wat betekent "tertium datur"?

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"'n derde is gegeven",
twee bestaat, maar er is meer.

tertium datur
is een pijler voor de nieuwe redelijkheid,
  sluitsteen van het verleden.
dome for the past

IT seems quantumo´de

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able to gain ? 

your tertium or tertia make you reliable
in es-contacts, economic-social.
in fact they assure others that
you are trustworth,
"able to gain".

als een tertium gegeven is
in gaingate-termen,
krijg je zicht op
het feitelijk sociaal-economisch profiel
van een aanbieder/producent/dienstverlener.
en jouw tertia (mv) kunnen
of misvattingen
ben jij vertrouwen waard.

social faction profile
manhatan project 3.01

trybe manhattan / gaingate manhattan
 powered and supported by
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our tertia:

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why manhattan ?

our global awareness promoting initiative
is called

the manhattan project  3.01

there are dozens of manhattan projects
 untill 2002 distinguished into two categories:

manhattan project  1.01
Dutch merchants acquire a graveyard

for some
silver pieces and bottles of booz
in what they called
"nieuw amsterdam".
establish a labour market
for slavery trade on sugar plantations
there are still
manhattan projects 1.xx goin'on

the only map of the dutch manhattan

Wall  Street  New York,  a  relict  of  those  days
 We are very, very sorry our ancestors did this .

manhattan project   2.01
US-scientists and politicians developed
secretly the atom bomb.
establish world peace by bombing
big cities including civilians
we considder 9/11 as the last
manhattan project 2.xx

einstein / war peace / the manhattan project
  We are sorry, but our ancestors couldn't prevent  it 
   it was a secret untill the bomb was dropped.

manhattan project 3.01
we dropped in 2001 the concept of
dali.gif (21839 bytes)younger policydali.gif (21839 bytes)
by starting "gaingate" and "trybe",
qualified and worldwide understandable
networks for offering services and
products in your neighbourhood.

establish a sustainable future for mankind
based on global awareness.

our proposal is an

"Evocation Universelle"

"what serves us, may suit you"
we offer you this compensation
for our ancestors failures

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What is ... ?

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coming soon...

the IOI-modem

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When is ... ?

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7. waarom / why

Starting our website (1998)
there were only 4 extensions:
ment for education,
school, university
ment for governement
ment for organisations
ment for commercial profit
and we, we tried to prevent
abuse of the word gaingate
and keep our gaingate model
safe and sound.
so we registered our site
as <>

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