global themes & signes in time

het verleden is slechts toegankelijk
voor wie het heden begrijpt
en gelooft in de toekomst
aegidius peridijn


debates online

in their own words:
spiked is an online publication with the modest ambition of making history as well as reporting it.
stands for liberty, enlightenment, experimentation and excellence.


EconDebate Online keeps you informed on today's most crucial economics policy debates.
Each EconDebate, created by John Kane (SUNY-Oswego),
provides a primer on the issues and links to background information and
current, in-depth commentaries from experts around the world

Resources  for  the  World  since 1994
english/japanese/french/slovenian video-debates on
world & welfare

on environmentality & performing arts


online library of liberty
debates, debates, debates,
 the power of silence..

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