Het spel is uit   !    Game's Over

we develloped our ioi-formula
using microsoft software
and we are dutch (sorry).

but, still we claim,



  1. IT needs an open mind in a closed circuit
    a closed mind in  an open circuit
    to improve global states of being.

  2.  The more IT links the less IT stinks 

  3. IT feels better if you understand:
    owo mentality (en)vironmentality
     in an
    one world option

    tertium datur / able to gain
    peripatric security on integrity sec
    (social economic cultural)


global awareness
based on inclusive thinking 

knowing    yourself

is a
sine qua non"
for worldwide human understanding
a sustainable development.


gaingate  &   trybe
are our models
for a global acceptable
interdependent interpretation
of living and working in tomorrow's world.


contact & quick respons

in snatches we are publishing
the midas update


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