Gaingate & Trybe

renergetic machines for global cohesion
in a panarchistic way

The circumstances of every person or group are determinable in matrix-terms of
social, economic & cultural versus faculties, facilities & fees.

They qualify the so called "instances" of a person or group.
Whenever these instances are in harmony with the surrounding ("the circumstances"),
every member will have a meaningfull life.

Are the instances of a person or group not balanced in the surrounding,
every effort to participation will be impair to the result.
It causes isolement or banning as soon as expectations of assimilation/coping don't get respons.
Every cohabitation generated that way and will react or regenerate.

Telling fairytales like "Little Thumb",
grandmothers tried "a long, long time ago .."
to warn the kids in a veiled way for that terrible reality of life.

Every man is inclined to, you also might say,
has the necessity or need to grow in in his environment.
So when the instances are "normal" no one has to have fear for a future.
Why so many families, groups or societies aren't able to provide
in a meaningfull life for all members, is a question that's often answered,
even to children, in terms of:"shut up", or sometimes "c'est la vie".

Some think it a regularity, a law, an order of nature.
Last century an european philosopher saw every society as
a herring-barrel in which the herrings at the edge are damaged,
obvious, to protect the others (us!).

However, western society shows par excellance (and we think yours too),
not to be capable to consolidate a relievable perspective.
And not only to them, living in the borders, but to anyone who doesn't understand
the pain of the peripatric proces that surrounds any group or society.

It creates global & local problems, which are interpretated almost as
a matter of course with the idea, that the ruling opinion is right
and thus problem solving isn't possible but with retroactive effect.
The illusion of progression arises by the indulging of time.
The progression itself is often countered by the conservating drift of fear.

Looking for a solution, based on the existing paradigms (the obvious way)
cannot result in an universal effective answer. Incidentally someone or some group will score.
That profit however is gained out of all proportion to others.


Religions worldwide show this dilemma and even political parties argue
in all their variety sometimes desperately and backwards to the future.
Thats why measures like: "more jobs", "more jails",
"more uniforms", "more options" or "bonus plus",
don't have a long term effect direction solution.
It's not idle to suppose, that every measure taken to optimalise a
cohabitation, organisation or society on its own,
has negative tendencies in itself.

A society in which the psychological need of people who live
with no significant life expectancy passes on to those,
who are payed to provide and even to those who are expected to guide,
is selfish and basically able to offer its children just for
the appearance of being.

In the search for solutions to problems that worry society
we try to find new ways or re-interpretate old ones
and try to detect answers, where there still aren't questions.

One of the results is our gaingate-concept.
A model to develop a "social machine" to strengthen social cohesion bottom up.
This moment the concept's applicability for the dutch society is in study.
In this way we'll try to contribute to our surrounding, because
living in an acceptive world, is living in a curious reality.


gaingate & trybe
panarchistic models for global cohesion

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